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What to Bring to Your Family Law Consultation

While it is not necessary to bring anything to your initial consultation, there are some things you can bring that will be helpful. We have provided detailed lists below which are based on the issue you may wish to consult with us about.

The main goal of our first meeting is to exchange information about your case. After getting some basic information from you, we will explain your legal rights and responsibilities, what you might expect as a result in your case, and ways to obtain that result. It is also a time for us to build rapport and trust.

We suggest that no matter what the reason you are meeting with us about, you bring a pen and a pad of paper or electronic equivalent. This will allow you to take notes and remember what we talked about. We also suggest that you bring a list of any questions you may have in order to maximize your time with us. Lastly, we suggest bringing any documents you have been served with or that have been filed in your family law matter.

Divorce & Legal Separation:

In a typical divorce or legal separation case, we will discuss how long you've been married, whether there are children of the marriage, your respective incomes, and your assets and debts. If you have documents that show these numbers, you can bring them. This will give us accurate figures when we are discussing your plan to move forward. However, you do not need to have them at our first meeting. As long as you have a general idea, we can give you a general answer.

If you have a premarital agreement or postnuptial agreement, we will want to see it.

Child Custody & Visitation:

If you have any previous court orders from any court about the children and their custody, we will want to see them. We will also want a list of the addresses the children have resided at for the last five years. Other than these items, there is likely nothing else you need to bring.

Child Support & Spousal Support:

Child support and spousal support are all about the numbers. These numbers include each party's income, the cost of health insurance, the cost of daycare for the children, union dues, child support paid for any children from a previous relationship, spousal support paid for a previous marriage, mortgage interest, necessary job related expenses, and an estimate of amount of time the children spend with each parent. To the extent you have documentation reflecting any of this information, we will want to see it.

In particular, it is especially helpful to bring copies of your paycheck stubs for the last two months along with copies of the other party's paycheck stubs for the last two months.


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